The iTeachers

Mr. Dimitris Primalis and Mrs. Simonetta Leonardi.

Mr. Dimitris Primalis
 (2013 IATEFL Learning Technologies scholarship winner) has been teaching EFL for more than 20 years. He is particularly interested in introducing innovation and change into the syllabus. His quest for innovation in daily practice is reflected on his presentations at the IATEFL, TESOL France, Greece, Macedonia -Thrace, Northern Greece, PEKADE and ISTEK conferences. He has a regular column in the BELTA Bulletin (Belgium) and his articles and posts have been published/posted among others in the IATEFL Voices, Microsoft Partners in Learning blog, ELT News and TESOL Greece Newsletter. Dimitris is also the author of five test books which accompany two coursebook series published by MacMillan. He has been working at Doukas primary school (a Microsoft Mentor school) since 2007.

Mrs. Simonetta Leonardi
Always looking for something new  to learn and to teach. Primary school teacher,very keen in using ICT in teaching and for life. In recent years:
Innovascuola Primaria coordinator (to promote IWBs in teaching/learning).
Cl@sse 2.0 coordinator (to change the learning environment through ICT in classroom). School on the Cloud  member.
"The innovation process  has allowed me to shift to a learning environment that is wider, creative, rich and dynamic. It has also enabled me to offer students interactive and multimedia contents that are more interesting and effective".
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